What did we ever do to deserve this?!? A279522A-7D46-439A-AAA1-16A4E49CF62A.jpg

Someday, I will invent a time machine and figure out which Downton Abbey-type jerk I have to go back and kill so we don’t end up with two sizes of forks & knives that are just like 1/4 inch different but won’t stack.

Today feels very much like a Prince day. Anyone have any late period/B-side suggestions?

Holy crap, check out what Apple just dropped in the 11.3 beta! developer.apple.com/documenta…

After going from my SE to an X, I can say with absolute certainty that putting the power button on the side is the round iMac mouse of iPhone design.

In case you’re wondering what it’s like to be a parent, I still haven’t seen the Black Thought freestyle without fewer than 15 breaks.

I love taking the long walk past the closed Red Line station at Washington. At rush hour, you can see throngs of people ahead of you, and throngs behind you, but in the middle, everything is weirdly silent, with a steel grate blocking a decrepit, rusted escalator that disappears up into the darkness. A chance to feel very alone in the most densely packed part of the city.

(For every holiday photo I’ve ever taken, and every one I will take, my goal is “Dr. Ziegler’s Christmas Party”)

Gonna miss Christmas purely for the excellent Portrait Mode backdrops.

A rare “fun” new year

Short break from football to try melting glass in the home smelter. As you do.

Dad day

That beach dude

Au revoir

Grandma having a great time


She is definitely my kid.

Astronaut gets help from Supergirl